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Auditoria's services are packaged in an organized experience, based on our value proposition, and delivered to our clients in a repeatable and systematic fashion

Packages Benefits

The Benefits of Packaging Our Services


  • Set clear expectations regarding the services to be provided

  • Cost-benefit ratio for our clients 

  • Does not depend solely on a single person or group of people, easily replicable


  • Predictability of the processes and efforts required to deliver the service at the level of quality agreed upon

  • No "expectation-gap"

  • Easy to explain and understand

  • Predictable costs for our customers


  • Standardized processes are optimized and simplified for the benefit of our clients

  • Standardization also implies gains in efficiency and quality of our services

Standardized Packages

Join tens of entrepreneurs that choose to scale their business with Auditoria.

We've got the package that's right for your needs - and your budget. Get started with one of our experts today and free up your time.




Ideal for start-ups who need to balance the best of outsourcing with the most attractive price, with a limited range of add-on services:




Ideal for growing businesses who seek the most efficient set-up at the right price, with a wide range of add-on services:




Concierge accounting services for firms who want to make the most of outsourcing, and selected add-on services:

Essential Accounting
Accounting Plus
Premium Accounting
Income tax return
VAT returns
Bill pay
Credit card reporting
Employee expense reporting
Fully dematerialized Cloud accounting solution
Realtime financial data updates
Monthly profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements
Strategic insight from a CFO
Access to a dedicated accountant
Regular meetings with actionable analysis from your accountant
Customized transactions based on your business needs
Déclaration d'impôt
Déclaration TVA
Paiement des factures
Gestion cartes de crédit
Gestion des dépenses collaborateurs
Solution de comptabilité Cloud entièrement dématérialisée
Mises à jour des données financières en temps réel
Comptes de pertes et profits mensuels, bilan et tableaux des flux de trésorerie
Conseils stratégiques d'un directeur financier
Accès à un comptable dédié
Réunions régulières avec analyse exploitable de votre comptable
Transactions personnalisée en fonction des besoins de votre entreprise

Need more? We have options for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to add now or later – Auditoria grows with you.

Select additional accounting services tailored to your needs


The No. 1 headache of entrepreneurs is the treatment of wages. We take over, you maintain your existing payroll software or switch to ours, we take care of the administration and help you manage your salaries in a simple and efficient way. 


Do you have customers who pay late? These conversations can get cumbersome –so pass that burden on to us. We manage a collection cycle, including email and phone reminders to help you quickly collect payments from your customers.

Expense Management

Do your employees have out-of-pocket expenses that are difficult to control and painful to deal with? We implement and manage this process for you so you control your expenses and your employees are not overburdened with manual expense reports.

Payment Management

With the multiple moving parts of your business, we help you automate, streamline and categorize each of your invoices to track what is due and what is paid. You stay in control of your bill payment process, we help you optimize it.

Customer Invoicing

The first step in getting your customers to pay you is to have a clear invoice in their hands. We handle it all – from creating invoices to payments, to streamlining your invoice generation process to get money into your bank account faster.

Cleaning Up Your Accounting

More than half of our customers were late before we started assisting them. Let us help you catch up and never go back.

  • How much does it cost to work with Auditoria?
    No two businesses are the same, so our pricing may vary greatly depending on your need. We strive to build trust with you and want you to fairly compare us against other options available. Also, nothing is worse than being charged too much because of predetermined “standard packages” or undercharging which can lead to endless scope creep issues and annoying rate adjustments down the line. To give us adequate time to prepare a tailored strategy for you, the entire process from our initial discovery call to receiving a proposal typically takes about three business days.
  • How long are your contracts?
    Rather than ask for a long-term, upfront commitment, we only require a month-to-month contract from our customers. This allows us to prove ourselves and earn your business every single month. We firmly believe that relationships are built on mutual respect and appreciation and we never want to hold you or your business hostage. That being said, we have an incredibly low client churn rate vs our industry average because we spend the time to get to know our clients and find ways to add value each and every day. We have many clients who have been here well over ten years and above, which shows that our work and relationships stand the test of time.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our engagements require a 3-month notice for cancellation, but you can cancel at any time.
  • Why should I hire Auditoria vs. an in-house accountant?
    A typical salary for a qualified accountant in Romandie is CHF 80,000 per year. When you add in things like social charges, pension fund premiums, benefits, software, office space (or outfitting a remote workspace), and time off, that figure can quickly jump up to CHF 100,000 per year or more. Not to mention the need to recruit, hire, and manage your new accountant - and your time is now spent managing people vs running your business. When you hire Auditoria, you are teamed up with an onboarding accountant, controller, and ongoing accountant who has been carefully vetted and trained and have worked with tens of businesses just like yours. This experience gives them the insight and know-how to streamline your processes, automate the flow of information into your accounting system, and provide relevant and timely advice and feedback.
  • Why should I hire Auditoria vs. doing my own books?
    Even if you don't hire us, please don't handle your own accounting. You risk making expensive errors while missing out on the opportunity cost associated with investing this time into what matters -- building a successful business. Instead of spending countless hours sorting through financials, shift that energy towards growing your business!
  • How quickly can we get started?
    Once you sign off on our proposal, we can typically begin our onboarding process the next business day. You will complete our intake form which helps us to gather important details and documents, and then you will book a call with your onboarding team. During your first call, you will get to know each other, and receive a complete needs list, and project timeline. Depending on the complexity of your project, your onboarding timeline will vary but we generally see projects going from onboarding to ongoing accounting in 45-60 days. We'll keep you informed about every step along the way so that you're aware of what's going on at all times.
  • What sizes of businesses do you work with?
    From pre-revenue startups to large established companies, we have the capacity to work with businesses of any size. We typically take on clients who are earning more than CHF 1 million per year or have at least a one-year runway. We tend to be the last stop before hiring an in-house accountant or accounting team and, if you outgrow us, we will be sure to hand the keys to your kingdom to ensure a successful transition.
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