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Focus on Business Growth and
let us help you with your finances 

Auditoria's Three Axes of Services

Here is what we can do to help entrepreneurs focus on their objectives and achieve their dreams

Advisory Outsourcing Regulatory

Administrative Services



CFO Advisory Services

Business Management



Let us do the heavy lifting - Less time spent on accounting means more time to grow your business.

We help you spend less than an hour per month on accounting, thanks to...


Organized service experience

We provide accounting, tax and payroll services in the form of customized packages


Repeatable and systematic

Utilizing innovative technologiers for digitalized finance services


Value added services

Our clients can focus on growing their business and achieving their goals

An innovative concept and attractive features for real added value

Plans tailored to your needs

Accounting always up to date, accessible 24/7

Simplified taxation

Fixed rates and no surprises

Reporting tools that brings relevant information

Support and responsiveness assured

Secure data

Unlimited number of transactions

Dematerialized documents



Experience smoother, stress-free audits that allow you to keep your eye on the ball

A better audit experience

For private and closely held companies, precise financial statements provide the accurate information needed to effectively manage successful business relationships. Auditoria’s assurance advisors offer specialized audit expertise that gives you and your stakeholders the confidence and financial insight needed to make sound business decisions.


Our audit process is organized in such a way as to provide an audit in accordance with professional standards while identifying, in a structured manner as the audit progresses, areas for improvement in internal control, and the process of preparing financial statements.

Regulatory and Compliance Services



As your business grows, your financial organization and related needs become more complex.

Auditoria understands this, which is why we have developed CFO advisory services


CFO Advisory

Auditoria brings a contemporary vision of the role of the CFO, by profiling itself on four complementary and interconnected axes of today's CFO, in order to support its clients throughout the financial function, namely one role:


aimed at instilling a financial approach and mindset throughout the organization.


aimed at preserving the organization's assets by minimizing risks and keeping the accounts up to date.


aiming to manage and optimize financial operations efficiently and effectively.


aiming to help shape the strategy and direction of the company.


Business Management

Auditoria is an experienced partner focused on driving and achieving your goals

To achieve shareholder value creation, strategic goals must be translated into measures characterized by :


  • operational excellence,

  • financed by optimized treasury and capital structures, and

  • steered by proper performance management.


Auditoria can help you overcome these challenges with its services offering dedicated and tailored to SME needs

Auditoria Technologies.png


Helping you integrate new technologies within your business

Auditoria works with you to drive optimal business results, leveraging cloud financial applications to streamline financial management processes and gain new insights into your business.

We can support you in:


  • Selection of cloud-based technology

  • Implementation

  • Optimization of processes and tools

  • Optimization of management and collaboration across your business

  • Development and implementation of financial reporting

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